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Important questions and answers ?! FAQ

Why are always 2 artificial hymen or pills in the package?

So you get the chance to test it in advance or you have a reserve, if it did not come to intercourse!

How do I use the products correctly?

The artificial hymen are introduced at the earliest 2 hours and no later than 30 minutes before the approximately planned sexual intercourse. The Virginity Pills are introduced 1-3 hours before sexual intercourse!

What happens after I introduce it?

The product sticks to the vaginal wall and begins to dissolve slowly. During sexual intercourse, the ingredients then mix with the vaginal fluid and it comes out in the right amount of blood. These will be visible on the penis and bed sheets.

For what is the Revitalize 100, the vaginal tightening gel?

The vaginal tightening gel was developed to tighten the vagina and make you feel virgin again! Use it at least 2 weeks before, once a day before going to bed!

Do your products have side effects?

The products of VirginiaCare are made of natural ingredients and are absolutely harmless. When using the products there are no side effects!

Does the man notice that I have introduced something artificial or use?

The man will not smell, taste or feel anything!

What does the artificial blood look like?

It looks just like human blood and was designed to confirm the virginity!

What happens if I have introduced it and it does not come to intercourse?

You do not have to worry then. It usually runs out of the vagina alone within 24 hours!

What is the expiration date of the products?

The products have an expiration time of 12 months.

How long is the shipping time?

Depending on the country, shipping takes 7-14 working days! (The standard shipping is Free/included!)

Can I get the products faster?

Yes! For the emergency, who one needs the products faster, we offer for surcharge the express delivery DHL WORLDWIDE. This shipping usually takes 1-5 days and costs 38.50 € extra.

With which company are the products shipped?

The free standard shipping starts with the DEUTSCHE POST and then goes in combination to the postal service of your country! The express delivery is carried out with DHL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE. For all types of shipping you on request get a code for  tracking!

Is the package anonymous, discreet and does it come without problems to my desired delivery address?

The products are shipped in a promotional free brown shipping box and are declared as natural cosmetic products. We ship our products easily to all strict countries.

Why do not you offer a delivery with COD "Cash on Delivery"?

We would like to do that! But our products are all shipped from Germany. There is no service provider offering this service from Germany, outside of Europe. This service is only available for domestic deliveries.

What payment options do I have in my country?

Outside of Europe there are some countries that are limited with the payment options. However, we try to find the right payment options for each country as best we can. With us you can pay with PayPal, MoneyGram, WesternUnion and Bank Account (International Bank Transfer). For Indian Customer we also have a national account for Deposits or Netbanking! You should research on the Internet, which payment options your country offers to send money abroad! Together we can then find a solution so you can order.

Where are your products produced?

Our products are all manufactured with high quality in the laboratory in Germany and shipped directly from Germany. Original Products!

How can I trust you, what guarantee do you give me?

We guarantee you as soon as you have paid your order, immediately forward the shipment in the way, to the address provided by you. We guarantee you a discreet and reliable shipping. We guarantee you a safe confirmation of your virginity, adhering to our instructions for use. You will not find any negative reports about us anywhere! We are 100% serious and would like to help you to solve your problem. If the parcel does not arrive or you are dissatisfied, then we will refund the money 100%. That is our task!

What is the difference to other suppliers, with similar products?

We stand by our quality and do not hide behind anonymous websites. We are there before, during and after the order for our customers with all possible communication channels. Our products have a fair price / quality ratio and are very easy to use. The application is explained in multilingual videos.