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  • First let us say that you are not alone with this problem!
  • Many women in the world share the same problem!
  • The virginity has been lost, but forced to confirm this on the wedding night! We have good news for you in your sad situation!
  • With our products from VirginiaCare, many women were helped to confirm their virginity on the wedding night!
  • You can solve your problem now!
  • Nobody will know anything about solving your problem with our products!
  • Because everything is handled discreetly and you remain anonymous!
  • The products are made in Germany from natural materials and have no side effects!
  • You use the products independently and do not need to see a doctor!
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Lost virginity ...

Unfortunately, there are still many countries and many cultures in which the self-determination of a woman is prohibited!

In Europe, Africa, Asia or America, it is the realistic presence of young women forced by family pressure to marry as virgin!

But in permissive society, abstinence is not always possible. Sexuality is constantly close. Everybody feels natural desire and would like to try out.

From our experience of those affected, we know that you are afraid that your hymen has torn been by masturbation or petting.

That's why you search the Internet for a solution on how to repair your hymen again.

Most consciously they lose their virginity through first love because they believe they have found the man for life. Therefore, they do not worry about the wedding night and the consequences, because the belief in this love leaves them with no doubt.

Unfortunately, there are also cases of rape that will always be hidden. The mentally stressed women do not have enough motivation and are under too much pressure and are afraid to expose the rape. The obligation to prove their virginity thus remains for the women. Whatever happens, you are mostly alone with this problem!

Now time is running out, because women who come from such cultural circles have a strict schedule until the wedding.

Such marriages are usually arranged in the family circle!

The inner pressure of these women puts a lot of strain on them from time to time and you start looking for a solution.

The only known solution is the sewing of the hymen.


For this procedure there are various terms that are searched on the internet to know how to get back your virginity.

The medical name is Hymenorrhaphy, Hymenoplasty or hymen reconstruction surgery.

But, desperately, when they think they have lost their virginity, they have developed quite different terms on the Internet.

As for hymenoplasty, hymen repair, hymen restoration, virginity restoration, virginity surgery, virginity again and many more terms.

The procedures for restoring the hymen are very expensive $ 500- $ 4000, stressful and uncomfortable. In addition, there is no guarantee, that a bleeding will occur after a surgery on the hymen.

But the surgical intervention, in the present time, is no longer necessary by alternatives. The compulsion to be virginal on the wedding night does not mean in the present to restore his virginity by surgically reconstructing the hymen.

Thanks to the mission of Ivirginal, the products of VirginiaCare the artificial hymen and the vagina tightening gel, the problem can easily be solved safely and cheaply to produce the required traces of blood on the bed sheet on the wedding night.

Here, too, various concepts have developed for which the young women search in the search engines: artificial hymen kit, artificial hymen pills, virginity set, hymen repair set, virginity kit, hymen restoration kit and more.

One thing in advance! The products are not designed to uphold the patriarchal system, but to offer women an alternative way of safeguarding their dignity and protecting them from severe sanctions.


We are talking about an artificial hymen,

which consists of a self-dissolving cellulose.

This is filled in the core with a special blood powder, which is identical to the human blood of the color effect.


This artificial hymen is introduced finger deep in the vagina approximately 30 minutes before sexual intercourse, at the earliest 2 hours before! In the case of sexual intercourse, the components dissolve completely, mix with the vaginal fluid and then emerge as a desired blood trace at the right moment and in the right amount.

REVITALIZE100 for tightening vaginal entrance

For the vaginal tightening we offer the Revitalize100.

This is a vaginal tightening gel, which is applied 1-2 weeks before the desired moment.


1x daily, preferably before going to sleep, apply on to the vaginal entrance and the labia, and the highly effective gel shows its effect by tightening the vaginal entrance!


It was developed according to the best medical technology. With both products you get the possibility to confirm your virginity! You save yourself a lot of money and the inconvenience of a medical procedure! The results are 100% safe and we guarantee you a satisfactory result.

Everything remains anonymous and discreet!


Attention: We have the hint that in many countries fake and bad quality products are sold!

Pay attention to where you order!

Many websites offer very cheap or overpriced products, without serious company information! Our site is certified by McAfee Secure International and your orders are secure!

In case of doubt you have no contact and the quality of the products is not guaranteed. If the artificial blood does not have a realistic color, it can get you into trouble! Therefore, the quality of the products is important and not the cheapest price. On this page we only recommend original products from the brand VirginiaCare!

The  products are successfully offered internationally since 2010 and are also approved in pharmacies in Germany. Were also presented in a European TV documentary by women's rights activists as a solution.

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Do not worry about your personal information. It's all top secret!

Mona from Saudi Arabia: I thank you with all my heart! You have saved my honor and thus my future. I hope that you can still help many women with your products ...

Balu from Indonesia: It really saved me a lot of trouble. I do not know what would have happened without your product. 1000 times thank you!

Nurcan from Turkey: I can really recommend it to all sisters. You do not need surgery with the products you can solve your problem the man does not notice! Thank you so much Ivirginal :-)

Asha from India:

I would like to thank you for the strong help you offer us women. It's an ingenious solution Thank you.

Saima from Pakistan: I think you saved my life !!! I can not my thank to you, strong enough. I will recommend you whenever I can!

Alinka from Kazakhstan: I'm glad that I did not do any hymen surgery. The products are very supportive on my wedding night!


Virginity Complete Package 2 Artificial Hymen + 2 Virginity Blood Capsules + 1 Tube Vagina Tightening Gel

NEW!!! With this SET, you have all virginity products of VirginiaCare in hand and can test it before. So you know for the right moment, whether the artificial hymen or rather the virginity blood capsules are the better solution for you! 


I order 2 Artificial Hymen + 2 Virginity Blood Pills + 1 Tube tightening
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artificial hymen kit


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vagina tightening gel


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artificial hymen
artificial hymen


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artificial hymen pills
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